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Star TMP900

Mã sp: TMP900
Nhãn hiệu: Star Micronics
Được thiết kế đặc biệt dành cho các OEM, TMP900 cung cấp giải pháp tốt nhất cho kiosk với chi phí hợp lý.
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STAR TMP900 Thermal mechanism

Specifically designed for OEM use, the TMP900 provides the best in cost-effective Kiosk solution .

High Speed: Up to 150mm/sec Print Speed
Looping Presenter for Document Capture and to Prevent Paper Jams

Compact Design

Unique Star Scalable Raster Driver

Fully Adjustable Paper Width from 80mm - 112mm

Adjustable Black Mark, Paper End, and Top of Form Sensors

Easy Paper Loading

Thick Ticket Support

Mechanism - TMP942 & Cutter
Printer Method  Direct Thermal Line Printing
Print Speed  Up to 150mm per second
Top Margin  15mm (3mm selectable)
Print Resolution  8 X 8 dots/ mm (203 dpi)
Motor Torque  150gf or less
Paper Feed Speed  150mm /sec
Paper Loading  Semi Automatic
Paper Specifications


2 color pritning


Roll Diameter

 Min. 80mm to Max. 112mm

 Thermal Paper Rolls

 Special thermal paper required

 65g/m² ~150g/m²/ 0.065~0.15mm

 15cm /6" standard with 25cm /10" option (RHU-T900)
Paper Sensor  Black mark  Paper End  Paper low sensors as standard
Autocutter  Full or partical cut (Guillotine)
 Full cut only with Presenter PR900 and TUP992
Autocutter Life  Up to 1 millions cuts
Reliability  37 Million Lines MCBF