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Máy In Hóa Đơn Star MP400II Kiosk Printer

Mã sp: MP400II
Nhãn hiệu: Star Micronics
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STAR MP400II Dot Matrix Mechanism

Star' s close working relationships with OEM customers all over the world have resulted in a range of mechanisms which have been produced to provide fast, efficient and reliable solutions in the widest variety of applications.

High Speed with 6 lps print speed with logical seeking
Capability of Bi-directional Chinese character printing for fast throughput

Highest reliability with 9 Million lines Life in the industry

Black Mark Sensor as a standard capability

Compact Size

Model MP411II
Printing Method Serial Impact Dot Matrix  9 pin
Character Specifications Font  7 X 9 (half dot)
Column Capacity  32 columns (7 X 9 no spaces)
Character size  1.2mm(W) X 2.42mm(H)
Printable area  48mm (57.5mm paper)
Number of total dot  160 Dots per line
Line spacing  Min 0.176mm
Print Speed (ANK 42 Columns of continuous printing)  Max 6.0 lps (24 columns)
Paper Type  Roll paper
Width  57.4, 44.5mm
Diameter  Max.ø85mm
Thickness  0.07 ~ 0.10mm
Copy capactiy  1 + 2, max 0.2mm
Drive Voltage  24VDC ± 10%
Reliability MCBF
Print Head Life (at average 11.4 dot/character)
 9 Million
100M characters
External Dimension (W)x(D)x(H)
Weight (excluding the ribbon cassette)
 94.8 x 97 x 54.5 mm