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Customer Service

Warranty service

Duyên Khang is one of the advanced authorized partners of leading IT manufacturers and Auto - ID in the world. In many consecutive years, Duyên Khang has been awarded honorably and recognized as the best Service provided partner of HP, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, AMP…Duyên Khang is an authorized service provider for various equipments in Vietnam market and has gained trust from our customers.

  • Professional and “knowing IT” engineers
  • Commitments of thorough troubleshoot
  • Branded and available spare parts for replacement
  • Service process follows manufacturers’ standards
  • National-wide network of service providing

Extended Warranty Service

For critical equipment such as servers, PCs and laptops, customers will be assured when the equipment is inlonger warrantwith higherresponselevel and cost is not significant. Using Duyên Khang extended warranty service,customers can reduce the irinvestment cost for new IT systems becauseequipment depreciation period has been increased. Customers will be able toflexibly select the extended warranty, depending on their budget and actual needs:

  • 1 to 3 years warranty added
  • Shortened Service Response time
  • Shortened Repair time and Equipment return time
  • On-site Service instead of Carry-in
  • No need to buy replacement parts when the warranty has expired
  • Other value-added services as required.

Repair Service

Clients shall sign Frame Contract with Duyên Khang and select appropriate service levels (please refer to Customer Support Service Table) to receive the priority service policy. Within 4 hours after receiving a call notificationfrom Customer, Duyên Khang will have experts to fix the problem. The service cost will be paid accordingto terms of paymenton the written agreementof work after each service

Maintenance Service

Equipments are monitored and checked monthly or quarterly. When incidents occur suddenly, Duyên Khang immediately have technical engineers to recognize the situation, remotely identify problems and quickly fix them as committed time (in fact, it is usually faster ). Moreover, our technical experts will be onsite to fix the problem, or temporarily supply replaced equipments for customers to use in maintenance time.

Service Options:

  • 8x5x4: Response within 04 hours, service is available 08 hours/ day, 5 days/ week from Monday to Friday (excluding Public holidays).
  • 24x7x4: Response within 04 hours, service is available 08 hours/ day, 5 days/ week from Monday to Friday (includes Public holidays).
  • Cover part: Customer shall be notified when replacement is needed. We will supply the replacement with free of charge after receiving customers’ written agreement.
  • No Cover Part: We will send customer a quotation when replacement is needed. Replacement is conducted after receiving customers’ written agreement.


  • Equipments are always in stable state, using time increased.
  • Quick response time
  • Detect and fix problems on time
  • Warn and prevent potential risks
  • Special chemicals follow safety standards and environmental sanitation.
  • Implementation does not affect customers’ working time.

Critical Support

With Duyên Khang Critical Support Service, clients completely find the peace of mind because of the fix committed troubleshooting time. Upon receiving information of problems’ occurrence, Duyên Khang immediately appoints - IT knowledgeable engineers to quickly isolate problems and propose remedies for onsite fix or replacement to ensure system’s smoothly operation as our commitment. This service is specially suitable for critical and high level equipment of enterprises’ system.


  • Completely solve the problem within only 04 hours from the customer’s first call.
  • Completely fix the problem in 06 hours from the customer’s first call.
  • Cover part and No cover part options are available.
  • 8x5x2: Response time within 02 hours, service is available 08 hours/ day, 5 days/ week from Monday to Friday (excludes Public holidays).
  • 24x7x2: Response time within 02 hours, service is available 08 hours/ day, 5 days/ week from Monday to Friday (includes Public holidays).


  • IT Systems are guaranteed in safe condition and at the highest ready.
  • Customers are able to initiate their work plan.
  • Solve out the “difficult situation” in recruiting and maintaining a quality staffs for company. 
  • Plan in advanced maintenance fee for IT System.
  • Save up budget with longer life cycle of system.

Office move

HPT provides a support service that helps clients relocate a part or whole IT system and we guarantee to:

  • Make the most feasible implementation plan
  • Do not affect daily business operation.
  • The fastest shifting time
  • The best cost saving
  • The least manpower
  • Administrate implementation progress with the best quality
  • Integrity of system and property of enterprise

IT Helpdesk

Not every enterprise will be able to invest its own powerful IT engineer team in the rapid technology development.  What benefits does an enterprise will get when using IT helpdesk outsourcing?

  • Meet customer requirements on time.
  • Save the cost Able to support multitasks simultaneously with high expertise:
    • Support to develop IT Organization for company
    • Provide processes and policies consulting to ensure IT system operate smoothly
    • HelpdeskManagement (user support)
    • Check and evaluate the use of IT equipments
    • Management Support, IT Asset inventory
    • Participate in IT Strategy Development
    • Participate in Management Support of IT investment project
    • Training IT equipment operation and applications
  • IT Engineers could work part-time, full time or seasons

HPT confidently provides our Customers varieties of flexible solutions and optimal choices with WIN-WIN relationship– mutually support each others to gain the highest benefits with “Safe and Professional”.


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