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Wincor Nixdorf POS BEETLE /M-II

Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
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The BEETLE /M-II can meet your requirements at all times,without having to exchange the complete system for a new one, thus saving you time and money
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The BEETLE /M-II is the compact, powerful and economical basis for your POS system.

The BEETLE /M-II conforms to the PC/AT industry standard. Powerful Pentium- M/Celeron- M processors ensure a quick processing of all operations.

You can connect a variety of different peripheral devices to your  BEETLE /M-II and even the choice of the software is not limited to a certain product.
  • Optional the BEETLE /M-II can be equipped with a DVD drive.
  • This provides you with a considerable degree of flexibility when arranging the configuration of your POS system.
  • The BEETLE can also be connected to a network once an appropriate network card has been installed.
  • In the event of a mains voltage failure, the version with battery and corresponding software enable you to save the data by means of a controlled program shutdown.
  • Whatever configuration you need: Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH offers the right solution. So, whenever you want to expand your BEETLE /M-II, please contact y
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  • Scalable, modular POS system
  • Designed for optimized total cost of ownership
  • Use of mobile processors reduces power costs
  • Retail-hardened system design for maximum reliability
  • Optimally geared to the future due to a system architecture based on established PC and retail standards
  • System availability over several years
  • Suitable for international use
  • Attractive design with a small footprint allowing countertop and undercounter installations
  • Management readiness due to integrated system management functionalityar POS system
Processor Intel Celeron M, 1.5 GHz
Ram 256 MB – 2 GB
I/O Expansion slots 2 x PCI or 1 x PCI + 1 x PCI Express (option)
Interfaces RS232 (standard / powered): 1 / 1 - 7 USB (standard / powered): 3 - 4 / 0 - 7 Keyboard/mouse: Yes Audio: yes VGA: Option Digital video: Option LAN onboard: Yes Cash drawer: yes 24 VDC POS printer: yes
Drivers Max. 2 x HDDFloppy, CD or DVD (option)Solid state drive (SSD)
System management Wired for Management (WfM) Desktop Management Interface (DMI) Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) Wake on LAN (WoL) Advanced Power Management (APM) Advanced Configuration and Power  Interface (ACPI) BEETLEVIEW
Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm: 288 x 287 x 155
Operating Systems Windows Embedded for Piont of Service (WEPOS) Windows XP Professional WNLPOS (Linux)
Options Integrated scales controllerIntegrated UPS