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Giải pháp RFID của chúng tôi giúp bạn quản lý kho một cách hiệu quả khi đưa ra số liệu chính xác hàng tồn kho một cách nhanh chóng tới không ngờ


RFID Printer Zebra

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Code: PF2i
Strong, all-metal construction and superior throughput for demanding airline and other transportation applications
Code: PX6i
A member of the smartest bar code printer family on the market, the PX6i is flexible and programmable, enabling customers to optimize their printing operations
Provider: Zebra
Code: RZ400
Cổng LPT RS232
This durable RFID printer and encoder delivers time-saving fast print speeds to help you meet your logistics and compliance needs without the downtime.
Code: PM4i
Protects customer investment with unique product features to support growth of future RFID standards