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Traditionally, the health sector has been slow in adopting new technology, however, this trend has changed due to an increased understanding of barcode scanning technology can bring benefits to industry . Industry health care is unique from other industries that use barcodes in its main purpose is not improved inventory control, asset tracking, and data management. While these are real benefits, the ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of patients.

As the most widely used and cost effective AIDC solutions, healthcare organizations are using barcode scanning system to improve patient safety from receiving the care. With the ability to capture data without human intervention, barcode scanning has revolutionized how hospitals collect information. Now manual process prone to errors that can be removed to improve patient safety, patient care and the productivity of the healthcare team.

Currently, there is a big push to apply information technology health care (HIT) as a barcode scanner to upgrade EHR (Electronic Health Record) system and health care operations other . Government incentives, such as funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to reward hospitals and private physicians to invest in these technologies in an effort to standardize healthcare processes globally. If these technologies are not implemented, health care institutions may face severe financial penalties.
Retail SPA
POS system for SPA and Beauty Salons. The POS includes Salon Management, Appointment Management, Appointment Scheduling, Small Business CRM options. System support SPA/ Therapies packages.
Solutions Remote Patient Monitoring
Monitoring the expression of the patient's life and adjust medical equipment while moving across health facilities.
Pharmacy Management Solution
Ensure patients receive the right medication, right dose his timely basis and at the right time.
Specimen Collection Solutions
Protection and streamline collection processes to improve speed and accuracy for test results.
Solution examination Mobility for Doctors
Access to information, arranging tests, scans the item and can pay more - all at the bedside.
Solution Monitoring and Asset Management for Health
Locate critical assets in real-time to increase productivity, improve maintenance and better care for patients.
Communication Solutions for Hospital / Nurse
With mobile communication technology, you can improve currently important communication between heatthcare staff. Accurate record. Ready study. Streamlined diagnosis and curement.
Blood Transfusion Verification Solutions
Automate the management, monitoring and verification of transfused blood and reduce errors. While with mobility all paper-based work related to blood monitoring will be removed – reduce the risk of mistake capacity.
EAN applications in the health sector
Some government announce that they are satisfied with their healthcare expense. In reality, they usually have to face several problems that make a loss on their budget and have to invest a large sum of money to ensure the public healthcare service. In many cases, healthcare spending occupies a high rate in a nation's GDP.
Wireless Broadband for Healthcare
The ability to connect and access information safe, reliable high speed.
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