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Code: SG-15
The Shuttle SG-15 is an entry level, small and attractive price checker. The Shuttle features the latest technology. Interfacing is either through Wireless RF or hard wired Ethernet.
Provider: Other
Code: SG-15 Price Verifier
The Scantech-ID Shuttle SG-15 is the latest product developed by the company that has more than 10 years of experience in the field of customer information systems.
Code: SK40
SK40 is a color-screen Price Verifiers. With 4.3 inch color display and price checker functionality, it can provide customer who prefer a color display and easy access to the information. SK40 will provide the price verifying func..
Provider: Other
Code: Papryrus Price Verif
Papyrus Price Verifier is a TCP/IP network ready terminal for on line price verification. The built in high speed CCD barcode scanner will read the product code when the barcode is presented under its beam.
Code: KIOSK SK50
SK50 provide customers self-service applications, such as price check, sample music listening and watch the promotion video, with user friendly interface and rotatable scan window provides easy to operate and help customer to make..
Code: KIOSK SG-20
The Discovery SG-20 is an user friendly system that provides an excellent scanning performance in combination with a large and full graphical LCD display to ensure an easy communication.