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Wearable Mobile Computers

Similar to Handheld Mobile Computer, Wearable devices provide the same powerful computing and wireless connectivity, while freeing up your hands for other tasks. You'll often find these devices in pick-and-pack applications where increasing efficiency means having your hands free. Wearable Mobile Computer are the perfect fit for voice driven applications and increased worker productivity.


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Code: CV30
The Intermec CV30 rugged fixed mount computer provides flexibility and high-performance capabilities in a compact design that delivers real-time wireless supply chain management right where the data is - at the dock, in the freeze..
Provider: Datalogic
Code: Rhino
Tailored for warehouse management, the Rhino™ increases productivity through reduced errors during receiving, put-away, picking and shipping activities.
Code: WT4000
Arm your workers with advanced real-time hands-free mobile computing with the Motorola WT4000 Wearable Terminal
Code: SB1
Help every one of your associates better serve customers with the SB1 Smart Badge. A brand-new category of mobile device, the SB1 is worn around the neck, on a belt or arm and not only allows shoppers to identify associates, but a..