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Wireless Barcode Scanner

Cordless / Wireless Barcode Scanner use radio frequencies similar to cordless phones to send scanned information back to a computer-attached base station. The cordless range will vary by model from 33ft to over 200ft. Cordless/Wireless Scanner can dramatically improve any application where a cable could get damaged or limit access to items being scanned.

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Wireless Barcode Scanner Datalogic

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Provider: Datalogic
Code: PBT9500-RT
Bluetooth Mã Vạch 2D
PowerScan Retail PBT9500-RT 2D The IP65 rating further guarantees protection from damages caused by exposure to moisture
Provider: Datalogic
Code: QBT2131-BK-BTK1
Bluetooth Mã Vạch 1D Quét Tuyến Tính
Long bar codes are commonly used in a variety of applications including, utilities bills, document processing and packaging. These long codes are a challenge for full area imagers to read due to their narrow field of view and sho..
Provider: Datalogic
Code: GM4130-BK-433K1
Mã Vạch 1D Wi-Fi
GM4100 Batch Mode capability allows thousands of codes to be stored in memory. This feature combined with a long lasting 50K scans per charge Lithium-Ion battery allows unlimited mobility and reliable data collection when out-of-r..
Provider: Datalogic
Code: M2130
Cổng USB Mã Vạch 1D
Quét ảnh tuyến tính, 235 dòng/giây, tự động/nhấn nút, kết nối keyboard/USB (RS-232 option).
Provider: Zebra
Code: DS9808-R
Mã Vạch 2D Quét Tuyến Tính
The DS9808-R is a ground-breaking data capture device that represents two Zebra firsts. The DS9808-R is not only the first combination 1-D/2-D bar code scanner and RFID reader, it also represents a new RFID product category — the ..
Provider: Zebra
Code: DS8100 2D
Mã Vạch 2D
the DS8100 Series combines the power of an 800 MHz microprocessor, a high-resolution megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM technology
Provider: Datalogic
Code: QuickScan QS6500BT
Bluetooth Mã Vạch 1D
The QS6500BT linear imaging reader is the highest performing cordless member of the QuickScan family.
Provider: Datalogic
Code: QM2100
Mã Vạch 1D Wi-Fi
The QuickScan Mobile QM2100 handheld reader is the perfect entry level cordless solution for general purpose data collection applications.
Provider: Datalogic
Code: Gryphon I GBT4400 2D
Bluetooth Cổng USB Mã Vạch 1D Mã Vạch 2D Wi-Fi
The Gryphon GBT4400 2D reader – General Purpose Handheld Area Imager Bar Code Reader with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.
Provider: Datalogic
Code: QBT2400
Bluetooth Mã Vạch 1D Mã Vạch 2D Quét Tuyến Tính Wi-Fi
Ideally suited for applications at the point-of-sale (POS), the QuickScan QBT2400 imager features a new illumination and aiming system developed with the unique intent to reduce visual stress of the operator during daily scanning ..
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