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Today, people are moving faster than ever before. As local economies, societies and cultures become more intertwined, proper transportation services have become essential. Evidence of this can be seen in global travel trends, which expect people to take up to four vacations each year due to the increased accessibility of transportation services. To keep up with demand, efficient transportation and logistics operations are required to limit costs, enhance services and reduce environmental impact. Datalogic ADC knows that one of the best ways to maximize the value of transportation is to properly utilize bar code scanning technology.
The transportation and logistics industry depends on the greater visibility and control that is provided by bar code scanning technology. Bar code scanning enables companies to increase the speed, accuracy and quality of their services by automatically capturing critical information related to individual packages, containers or travelers in real-time for real use. In turn, this allows companies to improve their responsiveness and reduce operating costs for advantages that can be translated back into benefits for customers.
Barcode Scanner Used in Express and Post Office
Our C5000 series handhelds integrate barcode scanning industrial PDA and GPRS technologies, which help shipping companies provide rapid and considerate services to clients
Transportation bureau application
Maintenance for enterprise information system, including vehicle management, video monitoring and mobile data terminal sub systems
The optimal solution for the freight industry and logistics
Barcode bring enormous benefits such as accuracy, ease of use, timely response and productivity enhancement. Due to these superior applications
Transportation Management
As the software is designed and developed based on the specific requirements of managing transportation, expense management services transport. Business process management from order to finish sewing the delivery process. The software is easy to install and simple to use.
Surveillance solutions itinerary
Monitor location, speed and travelling route of vehicle, Strictly observe the fuel consumption process, Detect and timely tackle violation of stealing fuel