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Technology managers work most effectively when the organzation provides a clear, consistant, and comprehensive framework for technology governance.
Duyen Khang methodology is rigorous and well-defined, according to the requirements communicated by client. Our project assessment and review approach is a combination of evidence review, interviews and in some cases, direct observations. We look for the “root cause” as we evaluate findings and determine recommendations.
Office solutions, with expert network design has extensive experience in the design and deployment of network solutions (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and network connections (Internetworking) will support clients in the following matters:
Successful deployment of technology must be aligned with business strategy, and must be well planned. Duyen Khang technology strategy services follow a structured methodology and focus on delivering practical recommendations and detailed action plans:
Our "Peace of Mind" Services include a variety of first-rate customer programs to help you meet your business goals and expanding application needs. These programs let us do the worrying about your Automatic ID and Data Collection systems, while you concentrate on your business.
With an On-Site Service Agreement, the reliability and working life of your equipment will be increased through scheduled preventive maintenance. Included in the Service Agreement are 2 preventive maintenance calls per year where we clean, test and re-calibrate the equipment. With the exception of print heads, any parts that are found to be worn or defective are replaced at no additional charge.
Currently, UPS plays an increasingly important role in not only the IT sector but also in other areas: Business, Health, Education, ... thanks to its wide applications. However, commodity prices are soaring UPS cause financial difficulties for agencies and businesses. Therefore, the solution to repair damaged equipment is the best option to continue using the device type-specific importance of this.
Providing a full range of services for infrastructure information system quality, best meet the operational requirements and optimal utilization of resources. Services include: Assessment, planning, implementation, optimization and network infrastructure management for LAN / WAN / Wireless, systems, servers, workstations, peripherals, systems administrator, security full data ... for the information systems of all sizes and types of customers.
Today each of us to work with computers to receive information from the World Wide Web internet browsing lookup search information, send mail, talk with friends and colleagues and so many other needs through network.