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Tablets are the hottest new form factor in computing and offer people a new way to interface with data and applications. TechRepublic examines how tablets can be put to use in a business environment.


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Provider: Partner Tech
Code: EM-200
The EM-200 is a small yet powerful mobile device with a stunning 10.1" widescreen LCD and touch. Its mobility and smart design fits into multiple applications such as on the sales floor, in the warehouse, at a restaurant, and in t..
Provider: Toshiba Tec
Code: ST-F20
ST-F20 Toshiba pos system, touch screen ", fan-less design, outstanding reliability, no noise when in use.
Code: MT4008
Posiflex has bridged the fixed terminal / mobile gap with the innovative MT4008 system. This hybrid Windows 8.1 Industry Pro driven system takes an aluminum diecast, multifunction tablet and transforms it into a complete, compact,..
Provider: Casio
Code: V-T500
The V-T500-GE is equipped with a wireless WAN module that realises high-speed data communication (HSDPA) for real-time communication outdoors. This tablet is suited to wide-ranging applications in field operations
Provider: Zebra
Code: ET5X
You get the best of both worlds — consumer styling for your workers plus all the enterprise class features and options you need to meet business needs: enterprise durability, constant battery power, your choice of Android™ or Win..
Provider: Zebra
Looking for a true enterprise-class tablet that you can deploy anywhere? The ET1 offers everything you need — from security and durability to flexibility and manageability.
Provider: Partner Tech
Code: EM-100
EM-100 is designed for everyday use in the field, logistics, retail and restaurants; the Enterprise Tablet improves profitability and customer satisfaction.
Provider: Partner Tech
Code: EM-70
EM-70 is a stylish enterprise tablet designed to guarantee you the satisfaction with durability and profitability
Provider: Partner Tech
Code: EM-300
EM-300 Enterprise Tablet is a compact and stylish designed tablet, which utilizes the powerful Intel mobile technology. It is made for mobile working environments and ensures high processing performance.