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Since the industrial revolutions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the manufacturing industry has been a crucial component of the economies of virtually every country in the world. The manufacturing industry is large, competitive, and sensitive to economic swings; thus, businesses are leveraging new technologies in effort to become ‘lean' when it comes to their manufacturing processes.
Manufacturers rely on bar code systems to provide them with flexibility, reliability and efficiency in order to stay competitive and ensure a well-coordinated chain of events. As the preferred data capture solution in this industry, bar code systems provide product traceability and tracking capabilities throughout work-in-progress activities, finished goods inventory, packaging, and shipping. This results in many benefits including enhanced productivity, less waste and significantly lower costs. Datalogic is aware of the benefits manufacturers can gain from implementing a bar code scanning system because we use our own technology to improve our internal manufacturing processes.
Safety & Traceability
Food safety and an increased emphasis on the role of pharmaceuticals in healthcare have made product safety a top concern among consumers, business owners and lawmakers.
Mobile Solutions
Provide various mobile system implementation with success stories in both private and public sectors like government, army, financial institutions.
POD Solutions
Provide the digital printing workflow from technical consulting to digital press installation, including operation and maintenance support.
Financial Solutions
Provide the optimized software design, development and maintenance integrated with up-to-date financial technology. For finance institutions of banking, insurance, securities, credit cards, S & L, etc.
Support System Integration Service such as server, security, backup, system consulting, and establishment with maintenance