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METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company has strong worldwide leadership positions. A significant majority of our instrument sales are in segments in which we are the global leader. In addition to a broad product offering, we have one of the largest global sales and service organizations among precision instrument companies.
We focus on the high value-added segments of our markets by providing innovative instruments that often integrate various technologies including application-specific solutions for customers. We design our instruments not only to gather valuable data but also to facilitate the processing and transfer of this data into customers' management information systems.

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Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: Mettler Toledo - 8442
The Model 8442 service counter scale/printer is perfect for small grocery stores, convenience stores, deli shops, butcher shops, and bakeries requiring specific functionality and performance for the right price.
Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: Mellter Toledo 8270P
The Model 8270 Pizza Scale is designed for fast and accurate portion control when making pizza or other foods. The Model 8270 ensures a consistent product every time.
Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: Mettler Toledo - Viva
Flexibility is the key: the checkout VIVA scale is versatile – from classic weighing at checkout and weighing portions and ingredients to a checkweigher in your fruit and vegetables department.
Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: BCom
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99 self-programmable label formats, 16 self-programmable barcode formats. bCom Label Printing Scale is a high speed and easy to operate scale. It provides reliability during your daily operations and its robust structure and desi..
Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: Mettler Toledo - BPro
Cân in mã vạch
At METTLER TOLEDO, we understand the complexities of the retail business. That’s why we created bPro, a scale that you can choose today with the confidence of knowing that it will perform well for many years.
Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: Mettler Toledo - Tiger II
The METTLER TOLEDO® precision load cell gives superior reliability and complete accuracy with every use. Battery power extends the scale´s versatility outdoors.
Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: Mettler Toledo - 8434
Portable, 6kg, 15kg or 30kg Capacities, Easy to read digits, Sleek appealing profile, Rugged Frame, 25 PLU memories, Battery Options.
Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: Mettler Toledo - RL-10
Linux Operating System ,Digital weighing L/C module ,Dot-matrix LCD display ,Huge storage memory (32MB expandable up to 512 MB) 20,000 up to 500,000 Plus
Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: Mettler Toledo BBA211
The BBA211 is a scale for your simple weighing and over/under checkweighing tasks.
Provider: Mettler Toledo
Code: Mettler Toledo BBA4
The 4 Series basic level is the ideal solution for applications in which simple weighing is key.
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