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Duyen Khang carries the largest selection of barcode scanners, verifiers and mobile computers. Whether you need a reader for 1D or 2D barcodes, or for images in any environment, we have you covered. We have all the barcode scanning hardware you need to build the perfect data tracking solution for your business.

May quet ma vach cam tay dataloguic

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Provider: Denso
Code: GT10Q Series
Superior Reading Speed of 2D Codes and Bar Codes (Twice Conventional Model(1) Speeds)
Provider: Denso
Code: AT30Q
Cổng USB Mã Vạch 1D Mã Vạch 2D RS232
Denso AT30Q handheld barcode scanners offer extremely compact, eye-catching. Ability to read omni-directional, exceptional speed. IP42 durability standards. Read both 1D and 2D codes to applications in many different environments
Provider: Denso
Code: AT20Q
Cổng USB Mã Vạch 2D Quét Laser Quét Tuyến Tính
Hybrid scanner corresponding to both QR Codes and barcodes. High-speed scanning to improve your work efficiency.
Provider: Denso
Code: SE1-QB
Bluetooth HĐH Window Mã Vạch 1D Mã Vạch 2D
This product can be operated for a long time, reducing operating costs. Even if suddenly out of battery power, there’s no need to worry; this product is battery-powere
Provider: Denso
Code: HC56II
Cổng USB Mã Vạch 1D Quét CCD
The grip is only 22-mm thick. The body mass weighs approximately 85g. A compact & lightweight scanner excellent in performance.
Provider: Denso
Code: HC56 series
Cổng USB Mã Vạch 1D
The RoHS Directive compatible model versatile for every application of a compact & lightweight scanner
Provider: Denso
Code: HC36II
Mã Vạch 1D
EAN-13/-8 (JAN-13/-8), UPC-A/-E/-D3 (1), UPC/EAN (with add-on codes), Interleaved 2 of 5, CODABAR (NW-7), Code 39, Code 93, Code 128 (EAN-128), Standard 2 of 5
Provider: Denso
Code: GT10B Series
Mã Vạch 1D
Barcode Scanner Denso GT10B Series là dòng máy quét mã vạch được nâng cao khả năng quét và độ bền, máy quét tiên tiến và bền với một loạt các chức năng đọc
Provider: Denso
Code: AT10Q
Cổng USB Mã Vạch 1D Mã Vạch 2D RS232
A New 2D code scanner, equipped with "fulfilling functions" to respond to new needs in the market as well as deeply pursuing "scanning performance" and "handleability"
Provider: Denso
Code: GT20B
Mã Vạch 1D Quét CCD
GT20 has a highly durable design to withstand strong impact, so there is nothing to worry about if you drop this scanner
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