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CITIZEN originated as a watch research institute established in Japan in 1918 and since then CITIZEN has grown to become the global leader in miniaturization and precision technology for multiple markets and applications.  In 1964, CITIZEN Business Machines (CBM) was created as part of CITIZEN'S Holding Company; and has since taken on various legal names, gone through several changes and delivered numerous printing solutions starting with its first electric adding machine and cash register in 1965.

Today, the printer business known as CITIZEN Systems continues to leverage on that rich and excellent history to grow stronger in industries varying from hospitality and restaurant environments to healthcare and manufacturing organizations with a solid array of thermal, impact, barcode label and portable printers that are known to perform optimally—even in busy, hot or cramped environments.  For over three decades, CITIZEN Systems has worked tirelessly to engineer high-quality and feature rich CITIZEN printers and to establish a reputation as a leader in printing solutions and applications. 

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Provider: Citizen
Code: CT-S310II LAN
In Nhiệt Theo Dòng
Citizen CT-S310II now available in new Pure White Color and Black model with LAN Interface
Provider: Citizen
Code: CMP-20
Series in CMP-20 and CMP-30 is designed not different from all Citizen printers ... easy to use and simple operation.
Provider: Citizen
Code: PD-24
The PD-24 printer is the ultimate four-inch portable printing solution. It can print at two inches per second allowing for a typical 8” receipt to be printed in just over 4 seconds. This coupled with the PD-24’s small size and wei..
Provider: Citizen
Code: CL-S6621XL
The CL‑S6621XL delivers precision printing with fast media loading and ease of use, making it the perfect solution for tough, reliable and high volume label printing.
Provider: Citizen
Code: CL-S521
Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp RS232
If you're looking for a rugged, precise barcode/label printer that delivers maximum performance, look no further.
Provider: Citizen
Code: CL-S621
Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp In Truyền Nhiệt RS232
The powerful CL-S621 offers unparalleled versatility in the desktop thermal printer class.
Provider: Citizen
Code: CL-S631
Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp In Truyền Nhiệt RS232
The powerful CL-S631 provides users with unparalleled features in the desktop thermal printer class
Provider: Citizen
Code: CL-S700
The CL-S700 series is built with durability and ease of access in mind.
Provider: Citizen
Code: CL-S400DT
Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp RS232
The compact yet powerful CL-S400DT delivers a combination of reliability and high performance in the desktop thermal printer class.
Provider: Citizen
Code: CL-S6621
Cổng LAN Cổng LPT Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp In Truyền Nhiệt RS232 Wi-Fi
Our unique 6-inch CL‑S6621 label printer sets a new standard for desktop machines.
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