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Repair - Replacement Battery for UPS

UPS plays an increasingly important role in not only the IT sector but also in other areas: Business, Health, Education, ... thanks to its wide applications. However, commodity prices are soaring UPS cause financial difficulties for agencies and businesses. Therefore, the solution to repair damaged equipment is the best option to continue using the device type-specific importance of this.


Types of Battery failure:

Battery swelling, deformity
Battery fluid leak
Battery voltage is down <12Vdc
DC Battery voltage is down despite normal
The common problems of the damaged UPS Battery:

UPS with Battery unbootable.
UPS no longer able to power up good (very short time to save power).
UPS can not run Backup mode (Battery Mode).
UPS Battery corrupt error.


Also, there is a very common problem that UPS can not save stored electric power or a very short time despite being new replacement Battery.


To ensure the role of the UPS in the system of your equipment, our company would like to introduce:


  • Consultant selected configuration, installation, UPS installation free.
  • Provide genuine APC UPS - Eaton - Santak ... at a competitive price.
  • Construction and installation, system maintenance Data Center.
  • Warranty and free extended warranty for UPS.
  • UPS maintenance services take place.
  • Troubleshooting and repair of UPS take place as required.
  • Replace Battery and UPS configuration types.

In addition, we also provide maintenance services of telecommunications equipment repairs - IT such as: Splicer, Camera, Switch ...

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