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Kitchen Receipt Printers EPSON TM-U220 Kitchen Receipt Printers EPSON TM-U220
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Trang chủ Máy in hóa đơn Máy in hóa đơn Espon Kitchen Receipt Printers EPSON TM-U220

Kitchen Receipt Printers EPSON TM-U220

Kitchen Receipt Printers EPSON TM-U220

Mã sp: EPSON TM-U220A
Nhãn hiệu: EPSON
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Chia sẻ :
Epson’s TM-U220 printers are the enhanced, more powerful successors to Epson’s best-selling
TM-U200 family.
Available in three different models, Kitchen Printers Epson TM-U220 are compact, reliable and fast, and
offer all the
easy-to-use features important to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries.

Universal features
All three printer models in Epson’s TM-U220 series are optimized for high-speed throughput so customer
receipts and kitchen orders print faster than ever. For maximum effi -ciency, the TM-U220A, TM-U220B
and TM-U220D all offer drop-in paper loading and two-color, black and red printing to highlight special
offers and print more impactful logos.
They also have an adjustable paper width feature that allows you to use 58, 70 or 76mm paper rolls for more
flexibility and greater cost savings.
A model for every need With Kitchen Receipt Printers TM-U220 series, you have the freedom to select the
model that best fits your needs. The TM-U220A and TM-U220B come with an autocutter so you can choose
between a full or partial cut, and an Auto Status Back function that automatically transmits changes in
the printer status. The TM-U220A includes a take-up journal device and the TM-U220B and the TM-U220D
have a wall-mounting option that prints the receipt right side up for easy reading right out of the printer. And of course, all three printers feature the quality, reliability and advanced printing technology that Epson is famous for.

Smooth and easy transition
To make upgrading even easier, Epson’s TM-U220 series has been designed to be 100% compatible with existing systems that currently use a TM-U200 printer. Because the external dimensions of the TM-U200 and TM-U220 printer series are almost identical, transitioning to a new TM-U220 printer is as simple as removing the TM-U200 and dropping in the new TM-U220 and AC adapter.
Kitchen Receipt Printers EPSON TM-U220A

Print type

Método de impresión Impresora matricial de impacto en serie de 9 agujas
Tecnología Impresora de agujas

Fuentes y estilos

Velocidad de impresión 4,70 lps (40 columnas, 16,00 cpp)
Capacidad de la columna receipt Ancho de papel 76 mm, 33 / 40
Altura del tipo de letra 1,2 mm (ancho) x 3,1 mm (alto) / 1,6 mm (ancho) x 3,1 mm (alto)
Registro de caracteres 95 alfanumérico, 48 internacional, 128 × 12 gráfico
Caracteres por pulgada 13,3 cpp / 16 cpp
Impresión color Dos colores


Tipos papel bono
Capacidad de copia Receipt uno copias más un original
Formato de papel, rollo de papel 76,00 ± 0,50 (ancho) mm x diám. 83,00 mm,
69,50 ± 0,50 (ancho) mm x diám. 83,00 mm,
57,50 ± 0,50 (ancho) mm x diám. 83,00 mm


Conexiones RS-232, Apertura de cajón


Fuente de alimentación PS-180
Tensión de servicio 24 V


Dimensiones 160‎ x 248 x 139 mm (ancho x profundidad x altura)
Peso 2,3 kg
Color Epson Dark Gray / Epson Cool White
Instalación Horizontal, Vertical con soporte mural
Conectores D.K.D. function (2 drivers)
Nivel acústico Operación: 64 dB (A)
Humedad del aire Operación 10% - 90%, almacenamiento 10% - 90%
Temperatura almacenamiento -10°C - 50°C


Eficacia 18.000.000 MCBF (líneas), 180.000 MTBF (horas)
Duración útil auto cutter 800.000 Cortes
Duración útil impresora 7.500.000 líneas

Cumplimiento de las normas

Normas EMC Distintivo CE
Normas de seguridad TÜV

Otras funciones

interfaz intercambiable
Sensores Roll paper cover open sensor, Paper End Sensor

What's in the box

Incluye Equipo, PS-180, Cinta entintada, Rollo de papel, Instrucciones de uso